Bid up Auction with Tense Competition against the Clock!

Use My Page!!

Three Functions of My Page
Bidding ListConvenient when...
Bidding on plura! items and become confused about How Much on What.
Got OutBid!
Watch ListConvenient when...
Want to bid later!
Want to Watch Rare Items Closely!
How much was it soldafter all?(Missed the closing time of Auction)
Selling ListConvenient when...
Anxicus to know if my machine has been bid on!

Bidding List

Your Bidding items are Automatically indicated on "Bidding List".

Watch List

How to Bookmark- 2 Ways for Bookmarking items of your selections.
One is from "Auction Items List " Page and the other one is from "Item Description" Page.
Click "Add to WatchList" Button at the upper right.

Selling List

Your Selling items are Automatically indicated on "Selling List".
How to Access My Page

Click "MyPage" Button at the upper right of "Auction Items Listing" pages or "Item Description" pages.
(If you have not logged-in yet, Go to Log-In Page for My Page.)